Maintenance Completed
November 15, 2018

Maintenance Finished!

- Horus Red, Horus Blue added in heine by Spoil.
- Event Fruit Off.
- Npc Donator Released.
- A recipes farm and A craft materials, added to heine mobs, see list below.

* Recipes Armors A
- Us = Dark Crystals (Heavy, Leather, Robe) and Materials
- Dailaon = Tallun (Heavy, Leather, Robe) and Materials
- Crokian = Nightmare (Heavy, Leather, Robe) and Materials
- Farhite = Majestic (Heavy, Leather, Robe) and Materials
- Pageos = Jewels

* Recipes Weapons A
- Crocodile = (Dragon Slayer, Meteor Shower, Elysian, Soul Bow) and Materials
- Crokian Lad (Carnage Bow, Bloody Orchid, Soul Separator, Dragon Grinder) and Materials
- Crokian Lad Warrior (Blood Tornado, Tallun Glaive) and Materials
- Dailaon Lad (Halberd, Dasparion's Staff) and Materials
- Nos Lad (Branch of the Mother Tree, Dark Legion's) and Materials
- Farhite Lad (Sword of Miracle, Elemental Sword, Tallum Blade) and Materials

* Clan Halls
- Npc Auctioneer released for bids

- Boss (Queen Of Heine)
- Respawn 5hrs with 1hr randon
- Drops: Blesseds Weapons and Armors (10%)
- Drops: Blanck Scroll Horus (100%) 300 ~ 1000
- Drops: Horus Green (100%) 300 ~ 600
- Drops: Horus Bue (100%) 300 ~ 400
- Drops: Horus Red (100%) 300 ~ 400

A big hug to everyone!
Horokussaky Kyabaru

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